Refund & Cancellations

Welcome to M Sand Suppliers!


Returns are accepted only,

  • If there is a mismatch in the Size/dimension with comparison to the ordered materials/products.

  • If Wrong materials/products/colors were sent from the ordered list of items

  • If tampered materials/products were received.

  • If Defective items/malfunctioning materials/products are received.

  • If Materials/products are missing as per the manufacturer’s product manual (Valid only for products/ materials which are sold in package by the manufacturer along with a user manual)

  • Materials/products quality not matching with the manufacturer claims. (Note: In case, the materials need testing by third party agencies, all costs and effort to be borne by the buyer, including sending samples, testing charges and report collection)

  • If notified to us within 24 hours on receipt of the order to 9448592795.

Returns are NOT accepted if,

  • Material / Product is used and tampered after received.

  • Product is unloaded in case of M Sand

  • Not notified within 24 hours on receipt of delivery to 9448592795


When cancellations are accepted?

  • Ordered materials are NOT in transit from the vendors / sellers / manufacturer.

  • Shipment at buyer door steps cannot be cancelled for any reasons, other than mentioned in the returns above.

When cancellations are NOT accepted?

  • Ordered materials/products are sourced by the vendors after buyer placing an order.

  • Ordered materials/products are custom built to suit your requirements and manufacturing is in progress.